Hi! My name is Simon. I grew up in the Bay Area, and I went to college in Chicago, majoring in computer science and linguistics. Now I live in Boston and I work as a software developer for a transportation consultancy.

This is my blog. I started it for a number of reasons:

  • I want to practice my writing.
  • I want a space on the internet that's mine, not curated or mediated by Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • I want to develop my opinions on various issues without the pressure of people necessarily reading them (at least for now).

This is intended to be a fairly wide-ranging blog, but likely, somewhere between many and all posts will be on transportation, cities, software, [leftish] politics, linguistics, or some combination of the above. I'll also probably post about software I write. Feel free to skip those posts.

Why host on Neocities? I like the aesthetic -- '90s nostalgia and self-curated social internet spaces. It's new enough that I can get the "Simon Says" domain! And the toplevel name seems apt, at least for urbanism-related posts.

This blog is built with Pelican, using an adapted version of the Bulrush theme by Jonathan Sharpe.